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ALL STAR Mould, has been established for more than 15 years, We made a perfect plastic automotive mould, service for plastic automotive products 15 years ago. In cars, lamps are an indispensable feature. No matter whether it is a traditional or technologically-stylish model, the most important parts of the lamp are headlight body, reflector, decorative frame and lamp lens. As the automotive exterior parts in highest demand, the design and manufacturing requirements for lamps are also very high. The first challenge comes from the headlight body. Being an internal functional part, the appearance requirements are not very high. However, there are lots of holes and clips used for assembly, which means there may be risks in the design and manufacturing of lamp body molds: 1.Too many lifters, slides, and inserts in the mold, which could cause mismatch and flash easily; 2.Difficulties regarding mold cooling and conduct complex cooling system; 3.Increase in individual electrodes and proceed amounts of EDM. Secondly, for the reflector, we need to manage the mold design depending upon its unique specification. In order to achieve the manufacturing requirements of reflectors with strict light distribution and directly aluminum-plated, Immetech recommends paying attention on the following points during the mold design: 1.Avoid clearance at PL surface of the mold, to reduce the risk of flashes; 2.Mold flow analysis for good design of gate position and the welding line; 3.The layout of the heater of the cavity and core must be reasonable to prevent deformation; 4.Add ejector bush to prevent the ejectors burning out by high temperature; 5.The surface texture contour requires high accuracy; 6.Aim to keep the mold core as a whole, to avoid flashes inside of part. Thirdly, for the decorative frame, attention should be paid at the mold design stage to accomplish high surface requirements. Finally, the lamp lens also requests high-quality mold design and mold manufacturing for product molding. In conclusion, based on the above product requirements and mold characteristics, Immetech has a complete solution from raw mold steel to mold delivery: 1.The material selections are all from professional automotive mold steel manufacturers 2.High-precision imported equipment for machining:DMG (CNC) and FANUC(CNC), MITSUBISHI mirror and MAKINO(EDM, Sodick(WEDM)and EROWA processing system With many years’ accumulated experience and good service for clients, we have been one of the best automotive mold suppliers all over the world; and we had ever service for some famous automotive brand, such as TOYOTA, GEELY SUZUKI, HONDA, NISSAN and so on.

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