Blowing Molds For Plastic Table And Chair

All star plast not only make plastic injection table mold,but also can make plastic blow table mold. The blow molding process has many advantages, especially when compared to other methods of plastic manufacturing. First, blow molding is cheaper than injection molding. In part, this is because it requires so few tools. Second, unlike many others, blow molding is suitable for fabricating plastic parts that are hollow. Third, blow molding has a faster cycle time than other processes, such as rotational molding. Another benefit of blow molding is its ability to perform high volume production runs. On top of this, it can be used to mold complex parts.

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All star plast is able to supply comprehensive and integrated technology solutions for a wide variety of blow molding applications across a number of industries including over 15 years experience in blow molded plastic products. Our experience team is qualified and licensed to manufacture precision engineered mechanical knives that can cut or trim the part during the molding cycle. These solutions include engineered retracting blades, complex retractable unscrew devices, mechanisms that can cut holes in the part during the molding cycle, devices to deflash parts integrated into the mold, and core mechanisms. All of these solutions help provide product design flexibility. Compared with chairs produced by injection molding, chairs made by extrusion blow molding have the following advantages: 1. The cost of blow molding machinery, especially blow molds, is low. When molding similar products, the cost of blow molding machinery is about 1/3 of that of injection machinery, and the production cost of products is also low. 2. In the process of blow-molding the chair, the chair parison is used to form a plastic chair under lower pressure through the machine head, and inflated under low pressure. The product has small residual stress, resistance to stretching, impact, and environmental protection. The performance of various strains is higher, and it has better performance. When the injection molding chair is injection molded, the melt must pass through the mold runner and gate under high pressure, which will cause uneven stress distribution. 3. The relative molecular mass of blow molding grade plastic raw materials is much higher than that of injection grade plastics. Therefore, the chair made by blow molding has a high impact toughness and high environmental stress crack resistance. 4. Since the blow mold is only composed of a female mold, the wall thickness of the product can be changed by simply adjusting the gap between the die orifice of the die or the extrusion conditions, which is very beneficial for products that cannot accurately calculate the required wall thickness in advance. The cost of changing the wall thickness of the product for injection molding is much higher. 5. The blow-molded chair can produce a complex, irregular, and monolithic chair. When using injection molding, after producing two or more products, they should be combined with snap fitting, solvent bonding, or ultrasonic welding. The accuracy of blow-molded chairs is generally not as high as that of injection molded products; the appearance of injection-molded chairs is often rough, which is determined by their different processes. As for the question of which one is better, blow-molded chair, or injection-molded chair, I think it depends on specific needs

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