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All Star Plast is a cap molds manufacturer for your organization’s packing needs. We can supply you with an cap molds to produce bottle cap of various shapes, sizes, and colors suited for: Caps for liquid packaging, Food and drink packaging lids, Carbonated beverage bottle cap, Anti-theft bottle cap, Mineral water bottle cap, Edible oil cap, Sports bottle cap, Five gallon lid, Handle oil cover side handle,Butterfly cover, Jar cap, Cosmetic bottle cap, Kettle straw cover, Flip top cap. We have made Plastic cap molds for more than 15 years, with good experience and advantages. 1.Absorb international advanced unique runner design. 2.The mold cooling system uses circulating water which can effectively improve the efficiency of product output. 3.Applied with standard mold base which will effectively improves the processing precision and quality of the mold. 4. The mold core and cavity are made with imported high quality alloy steel. Afterheat treatment, the hardness of the steel can reach up to HRC45-48. 5.With vacuum quenching and nitrating heat treatment, the mold parts have good comprehensive mechanical properties,higherhardness,less deformation which guarantee the mold life more than 3 millions shots. 6.The hot runner system is independently developed. The shape of the nozzle can be designed according to the shape of the cap. The main components such as the heating ring are imported from Germany HOTSET or imported from Italy ROTFIL. 7.We have devoted ourself to researching various types of complex cap moulds such as oil cap molds and flip molds for decades,all details are all inclusive.

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