Plastic Bottle Mould For Blowing Water Barrel

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All star plast takes pride in building high quality blow mold tooling for diverse applications. Plastic barrel blow molds are one of our most popular products.

Process Details

There are three methods in which blow molded plastic products can be produced: extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, and stretch blow molding. All of these processes consist of just a few main steps, which vary the most in the early stages. Below, in more detail, are the steps of blow molding: 1. The first step in the blow molding process involves melting the plastic, and then using injection molding to form it into a preform, or parison. A parison is a piece of plastic shaped like a tube with a hole on one end which allows compressed air to pass through. The preform, which is soft and moldable, is pushed by a metal ram and expanded to the designated height of the product. 2. The parison or preform is then clamped into a mold cavity. The ultimate shape of the blow molded plastic depends on the shape of the mold cavity. 3. Air pressure is introduced to the inside of the parison via a blow pin. The air pressure causes the parison to expand like a balloon and fully take the shape of the mold cavity. 4. The final product can be cooled either by running cold water through the mold, by conduction, or by evaporating inconsistent fluids within the container. The blow molding process takes a few seconds; blow molding machines are capable of producing up to 20,000 containers in an hour. 5. Once the plastic part has been cooled and hardened, the mold opens up and allows the part to be ejected.

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