Plastic Cabinet Storage Mold Tool

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One plastic cabinet usually have 7-12 molds,so each parts’ connection with another plastic parts is very important. Our experienced engineers control the whole project from the product design to mold making and mold testing with our own QC system, to avoid the modification on the molds for too many times. When the injection mold has just began to make, but the customers have some changes after mold testing. If it is a small modification, it does not affect the overall structure of the injection mold, it doesn’t matter. But sometimes the situation is more serious, because if the plastic parts shape changes, the injection mold need to increase other parts, even the whole injection mold must be re-ordered. The cost will increase highly. So we must reduce the design modifications. Thanks for the prototyping technology. Before making the injection mold, we can make a 3D model. By timely correction the product 3D model, we can minimize the increase in costs caused by the plastic parts design modification. The cabinet is like drawer,when you want to have another design,just only need to make one front surface mold.

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