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ALL STAR PLAST is a plastic mold manufacturer with more than 15 years experience from China.we are professional in making plastic injection molds and blow molds.Not only daily use product molds,like plastic table chair, plastic dustbin molds which are big size molds,but we also good at making precise molds,for example ,small plastic accessories for machines and industry,like dowel pin molds. For this kind mold, our mold designers pay attention to some details of mold constructure and part design. Details determine success or failure. Of course attention to detail requires level and experience. 1.Never ignore chamfers. Non-formed parts should avoid sharp edges and There is no standard for chamfer.also the assembly of parts should be set chamfer Assembly holes for parts and heads for shaft-type parts. A suitable chamfer is required. This facilitates assembly and is less prone to damage. And it is easy to knock the dowel pin into the assembly part. 2 Hole diameter of the screw The diameter of the via of the hexagon socket screw cannot be too large. Otherwise, the contact area of the screw plane will be reduced. 3 Water pipe thread on bevel. If you drill directly on the inclined surface. The drill and tap will easily break and damage the cooling water holes that intersect in the same lever. If you have any inquiry or questions for plastic molds,please contact with us to get deeply communication.

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