Plastic Paint Pail Bucket Injection Mold

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All Star Plast is good at making plastic paint pail mould, thin wall food container mould with 0.5L,1L,3L,5L,10L,18L,20L,25L and Beryllium Copper(BeCu) for cooling.

Request of these paint buckets

a. Strength – durable for loading paints. b. Static and dynamic loading capacity requirement. c. Sealing property – guarantee the paints quality and transport. d. Stacking – to save storage room and easy for transport. e. Antistatic agent – prevent from dust and dirt. f. UV protected – as the storage and transport requirement. g. Filling paint temperature requirement. h. Reactions to chemicals – to ensure buckets are solvent-resistant and safe for use with all paints when it’s necessary for test the possible reaction. The design and cooling system is the most important points for these kinds molds,to shorter the cycle time and get longer mold life. Our designer team is experienced in making these molds 3D,also BeCu(beryllium copper) insert in the core top,cavity bottom and slider is good choice for better cooling. Normally ,for a paint bucket mould life is 1 million, we suggest to choose 2738 for the cavity and core steel ,with HRC35-38. For a paint bucket mould life require over 3 million, we suggest to choose 2344 for the cavity and core steel ,with HRC45-48. The painting bucket mould's core eccentric causing the pail wall thickness not even and the pail out of center. This problem is very common, but virulent for the mould life. So good and precision machining process select is very important.

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