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From the below pictures,you can know we have made lots of different basket molds,like rattan basket molds,camping basket molds,storage basket molds,shopping basket molds,fruit basket molds….These basket has various design,like rattan imitation,knit, flower,IML labeling… Advantage of ALL STAR PLAST We have our own perfect production and management system. There are strict quality control managements in each process. We try our best to avoid mistakes,and put an end to extend mistake to the next process. Product design inspection: Whatever product design made by customers,we always make all round analysis and inspection,such as moulding process feasibility,mould structure and movement feasibility,all the related plastic components matching situation,etc. It can avoid mould amendment,scrap and other unnecessary mould repair work,which are caused by product design fault. Mould design inspection The inspection covers many aspects, such as mould intensity, mold-flow analysis,mould ejection,cooling system, rationality of guiding system, application of mould spare parts'specification, customers'machine selection and special requirement application,etc. All of these should be inspected in according with All Star Plast design standard. Inspection For Raw material purchasing There is strict inspection process and time control of spare parts purchasing,the parts'standardization,size precision,hardness of mould material and material flaw detection and so on. Processing quality control Control the size precisely,make self-inspection on each tooling spare parts in according to the requirements of drawing size and tolerance limits control.We have many measures:professional tooling technology training and machine maintenance; self-inspection of tooling workpiece and acceptance check made by quality department; rational work shifts system and tooling control system. Inspection of mold installation Make complete inspection on mould to ensure the structure consistence and spare parts standardized.If mistakes are found,they can be corrected in time.In addition ,we will simultaneously do independent standardization test on mould cooling system,mould hydraulic oil channel system and hot runner system. Acceptance inspection on sample QC department should make product inspection and submit the test report 24 hours after mould testing. Along with our continuous improvement on equipments and measuring and test instruments, our product inspection tends to be more professional.

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